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  • Jewelry & Fashion Prototype/Mold
  • Dental
  • Industry Design

Build Dimension

  • XY Resolution: 100u 
    • 192x108x203 mm / 192x120x203 mm
  • XY Resolution: 75u
    • 144×76.8×203 mm / 144x90x203 mm
  • Z Resolution: 12.5u – 175u


  • H909 Common Resin – Detal model, Industry Design
  • H606 Common Resin – Detail, Industry Design
  • S808 ABS Resin – SLA Laser Pritner
  • C101 Castable Resin – Jewelry & Fashion, Dental Crown
  • C301 Castable Resin – Jewelry & Fashion, Dental Crown
  • M501 Clear Medicine Resin – Detail Aligners, Surgical Guide


Jewelry & Fashion

Now almost all our rings have dozens of diamonds, complicated galleries, and many other features that you cannot make with a wax-based growing material. DLP 3D printer and castable resin is the best combination solution for these feature details. DLP 3D printer has allowed us to grow and do thing we never thought we could do by hand. The technology has changed the business of jewelry and fashion dramatically.

Dental & Clinic

  • Surgical guide
  • Dental aligners
  • Dental crown wax model
  • Dental model

Our technology is being rapidly adopted by dentists, patients and dental labs who looking for lower cost and provide more convenient patient care. Our DLP 3D printer can provide printed model with great accuracy.

Industry Design

More engineers come to enjoy DLP 3D printer, preparing samples for customer design, industry parts, vehicle test and other things. It provides more rapid production service than CNC machine. Evaluate, optimize and communicated the designs with functional prototypes form DLP 3D printer, and test your designs and functions in a real-word environment.

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