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Seamlessly integrate any existing analytics accounts so can everything in one place. The level of organization with having everything in the same place is incomparable to separate campaign locations.

Real-Time Reporting

Consistent reporting in real-time keeps you up to date with any dips in keyword rankings, lead generation, and more. Get weekly SEO reports to see the ranking of your content on search engines.

Form Tracker

With the integration of coding in the header and footer, the leads will be tracked straight from the form submission. Our form tracking software will work seamlessly on any website with the right tracking code.

Call Tracking

Tracking phone calls is easier than ever with our software. If potential clients can’t wait for you, our system will record their missed call and message with the time and date stamp. With our weekly report, see which areas of your marketing strategies are bringing in the most requests to your business and increase the growth.

CRM System

The entire journey of the lead from start to finish is accounted for with our proprietary algorithm. From lead sources, recorded calls, contact information, and more, the crucial conversion metrics won’t be missed!

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